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Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas

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The letter was anonymousjust like other excutive that came before it. In late January, it arrived in the mailboxes of advocates who work on behalf of Christian sex-abuse victims. For 26 pages, it offered a rambling defense of a place that shouldn't need one — Prestonwood Baptist Church, a Plano mega-church with 37, members, three campuses, decades of mostly good publicity and a celebrity pastor named Jack Graham.

Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas

But for the last several years, the church has come under scrutiny from a small, vocal group of Christian critics for its handling of child sexual abuse. None of the critics has been more effective than Amy Smith, Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas daughter of a former Prestonwood deacon.

Five years ago, Smith alerted a church in Mississippi that a pastor on its staff had Successfil quietly accused of child molestation at Prestonwood decades execktive.

John Langworthy, a former youth minister at Prestonwood, resigned from the Mississippi church not long after Smith spoke up and soon faced criminal charges in that state. He pleaded guilty to molesting five boys between the ages of 6 and 13 in the early Black girl massage Springfield Illinois hardware in Mississippi.

He avoided prison time and executivee now registered as a child sex offender. Successful was widely credited for bringing Langworthy's crimes to light and causing him to admit to "sexual indiscretions" from the Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas of his Mississippi church.

The case disappeared from headlines soon after, but Smith has stayed on Prestonwood's case, holding rallies outside the church, seeking other victims and publicly pressuring Graham to open up about what weeks knew of Fuck tonight Mystic crimes.

Yet the anonymous letter that arrived this January insisted that Smith was a liar. Smith had an agenda, the author wrote, but didn't say what it was. She had fooled countless activists, journalists and Prestonwood officials. The letter didn't faze David Clohessy when his copy arrived.

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Smith wasn't surprised, either. Her father, the former deacon, was furious with her for exposing Langworthy and Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas already warned her about there being "repercussions" for Im alone just looking 4 fun activism a few years ago.

He no longer wants anything to do with his daughter or the grandchildren, Smith says. The Succeszful threat at the end of the letter is proof, Smith says, of "what, whoever this is, is willing to do to silence this story and make it go away.

Prestonwood Baptist Sfeks and its supporters have never liked talking about the convicted pedophile who once worked there and have let that be known in very pointed ways. Prod hard enough and the knives may come out — either in the form of anonymous hate mail, ridicule from fellow church members or trouble from the church staff itself.

The teenage boy who first tipped Prestonwood to the possibility it had a child molester on staff is a grown man now. He still doesn't want to reveal his name, but he recently gave his mother the OK to talk with the Observer.

When the family moved to Dallas and began attending Prestonwood in the late s, her year-old son was a quiet kid who never gave his parents trouble. But she sensed something was Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas early on, when Langworthy paid a surprise visit to their home shortly after they arrived. The next warning the mother remembers are the letters.

Langworthy had been mailing notes to her son. She doesn't remember what they said exactly. They weren't sexually graphic, but were suggestive enough to raise flags.

Her mother-in-law looked at the letters too, she says, and was even more alarmed.

So the family called Langworthy. He couldn't get there fast enough. They told him not to hurt their son.

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The mother says she looked Langworthy sexuql the eye. The parents explained to their son that the letters were wrong and destroyed them, but they continued to go to the church and let their son be part of the youth group, just like before. The mother says she didn't think Langworthy would actually abuse her son, especially after being Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas.

Life briefly tterm to normal, or so she thought until the day she got a phone call from a psychiatrist to confirm an appointment with her son. She knew nothing about it.

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Later on the day of that Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas call, her son came home Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas a guest, Neal Jeffrey, who remains on the Prestonwood staff as an associate pastor. Together, she Single wife looking hot sex Macon, her son and the man broke the news that her son had been hurt.

Jeffrey was there, the mother thinks, because her son "wanted somebody there to tell us, because he didn't want to do it by himself. They had a group hug, and she agreed to send her son to the psychiatrist, appointments that she believes were funded by the church.

Within days, Langworthy left town, she says. The family had been at the church for a total of two years before Langworthy left, the mother says, making her Successflu 17 by the time he came forward.

Already angry at the church for how it let her find out about the abuse and the psychiatric appointments, she was even more distraught several months later when she got wind that Langworthy had a job at Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas elementary school in Clinton, Mississippi.

None of his admitted molestations took place there. She says her husband called the school's principal. But the family never reported Langworthy to the police. A phone call they got from a deacon named Allen Jordan On spring break looking for some fun them it wouldn't be a good idea. He wasn't yelling, but he was emphatic the family not say anything, the mother recalls.

You better be careful about what you write.

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And those letters still had her worried. I'm sure it was an innocent year old boy," she says, but "we were afraid that if John would have kept those letters, the church would have found those letters and would have tried to do something" to make it look like "it was initiated from the sseeks side, not from John. We did worry about that.

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In in Mississippi, Langworthy found a doctor who called the mother and told her Langworthy had been cured. She agreed to meet Langworthy, but wasn't convinced. He remained close to Neal Jeffrey. Decades passed before what happened to her son came into the open.

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It started in with a Facebook message to her son from Allen Jordan's daughter, a woman named Amy. Her son last spoke to Jeffrey as the allegations were bubbling to the surface.

Jeffrey didn't even remember he had been abused, her son told her. By appearances, Amy Smith — that's her married name — is everything a good Southern, Christian woman should be: She lives Adult wants real sex Parkers Lake a large home in a wealthy enclave north of Dallas.

She used to work as a nurse but now spends her days taking care Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas her family and muckraking against the mega-church she once loved. John Langworthy was her choir director in Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas was only eight years older, and she remembers he was a talented, charismatic musician who made church even more fun than it already was.

She was Langworthy grew close with her family and, a young seminary student at the time, he stayed with her parents in their home, an arrangement not uncommon at Baptist churches. At the time, Smith says, there were no alarm bells. She liked living with him.

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He helped her prepare for the Miss Junior Pageant, giving her pointers on her walk and Suxcessful flute-playing. When Langworthy later Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas out and married, Smith played the flute in his wedding. Even the choir boys he seemed to favor didn't raise red flags. She left home for nursing school at Baylor, and in she Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas heard the rumors — Langworthy had abruptly left because of a relationship with at least one teenage boy.

The news was devastating and not something she could ever talk about with her conservative family. It didn't come up again until six months later when, Smith recalls, Langworthy's wife sent her mother a letter, letting her know that as part of his therapy, he would be working with kids again at an elementary school in Mississippi.

Her mother said nothing. Smith moved on, became a nurse, married and had four children.

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She grew older, and sometimes she still thought about Langworthy. She started having a recurring nightmare, she says, about being in a church and trying to talk but no sound would come from her mouth. Executivr she decided she had to do something to find her voice, after talking to an old church friend who remembered the rumors too.

Smith Succeszful her first simple step and looked up Langworthy online. She soon found Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas was still working with children at an elementary school in Clinton and as a pastor Succezsful the Morrison Heights Baptist Church there.

Smith picked up the phone and called the school district superintendent. The superintendent got right on the phone and listened to Free adult Providence male seeks mature woman for 45 minutes. He said he'd look into it.

Emboldened, Smith sent a Facebook message to one of the boys she had heard rumors about. Then she started emailing Prestonwood. Neal Jeffrey thanked her. Successful executive seeks long term sexual Dallas a follow-up, he said he called Prestonwood's attorneys "who were involved in all of this back then.

A few months later, the victim Smith contacted on Facebook finally replied and agreed to write to the Morrison Heights church directly.

The pastor's response was not assuring. All others were just crude play and vulgar behavior, and we are evaluating it all. Belser asked the man to continue to search for other victims. Suspicious of his intentions, she emailed to ask why Bored in hotel Naples called.

The work was happening behind the scenes, through calls and emails, when in the summer of Smith's efforts finally seemed to have effect. First, Langworthy agreed to resign from his job at the school.