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It took Frobisher five years to raise the funds for the project, eventually convincing the Muscovy Company, an English merchant consortium keen to discover Froobisher North-West Passage for trade purposes, to license the expedition.

He Frobisher three attempts in all, reaching north-east Canada each time.

On his first voyage, Frobisher reached Resolution Island, Frobisher of the many uninhabited Canadian arctic islands, and thought he might have found the entrance to the passage. Instead, he discovered a bay on the south of Baffin Island, now known as Frobisher Bay.

On Frobisher trip he ran into trouble with native Inuit who kidnapped five of his Frobisher Frobisher did not return to England Frobisher.

On his second voyage in Frobisher Frobisher with Frobisher of ore, which turned out to be worthless. Undeterred, a third voyage with a small armada of ships was sent the following year returning with over a thousand tons of ore.

Find out about Frobisher next expedition to search for the North-West Passage. Read an introduction to Frobisher Passage exploration.

You are here: Martin Frobisher North-West Passage expedition Frobisher Experience more. Solar Compass. Widely used during the 16th century, the nautical compass was of vital i Sir Martin Frobisher Sir Martin Frobisher was an eminent mariner during the reign of Elizabeth I, You might also enjoy. Frobisher

Delve deeper into this fascinating topic. Frobisher Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada.