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I turned around to Karl and opened my mouth, but no words formed. The noise stopped as quickly as it had arrived. As he explained the operation of his ballast system in the same conversational tone—he inflates the ballasts with air to rise to the surface without the need of the motor-powered propellers—it was clear that the leak was minor and would not draw us to the three-day rations, nor would it even affect our speed to the surface.

The longer we inspected a boulder, the more inhabitants appeared through the deliciously transparent waters, reframing my perspective of how humanity fits into this world. The community wants the reef to remain as such. Due to lack of support from the Honduran government, local dive shops and businesses recently founded—and funded—the Sandy Bay West End Marine Park, an organization that now owns two boats and employs eleven staff members who protect the reefs from poachers and overfishing.

Curbing pollution remains another challenge. Roatan possesses just the kind of stunning, beach-studded coastline that makes Makeout partner wantedflowers included speculators salivate. More development will mean more waste. When he has trouble locating a new part for his ever-evolving submarine, he sometimes has friends coming to the island bring them in. When the sub bobbed to the surface and the unapologetically bright Roatan sky splashed onto the dome, I was relieved that my eyes once again felt that tiny recoil of pain when adjusting to sudden sunlight.

Two smiling boys from town waved to us from the dock, Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel not the first time they had enjoyed the uniquely Roatanian pastime Women wants sex tonight Ferrum watching a submarine surface.

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Visions of ear-flapping octopi seemed like delusions, or, at Wives want sex tonight LA Maurepas 70449, half-baked memories from a past life as an albino lobster. You could be smashed to an unsightly pulp by a drunk driver in the burbs when you return home after picking up a container of non-dairy creamer.

We humans are far more complex than the news headlines and clickbait would have you believe. Let the Narratively newsletter be your guide. Love this Narratively story? Sign up for our Newsletter. Send us a story tip.

Become a Patron. Follow us. When priceless texts began disappearing from a seventh-century hilltop abbey, the police were mystified. They were even more befuddled when they finally caught the culprit. T ourists are a most common sight at the abbey of Mont Sainte-Odile in the summer.

So, when a somewhat hefty, tall man walked down the marble stairs leading to the first floor of the guesthouse, hardly anyone noticed. His backpack contained a Bible, which is normal in Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel place where people come for religious pilgrimages, but this Bible was more than years old. Along with it, the man carried a 15th-century incunabulum, works Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel Cicero and the eighth-century theologian Alcuin, and three more dusty, priceless books.

He picked six books from one wznt the oak bookcases standing against the walls, and walked right out through the Saint-Pierre chapel, briefly glancing at the marble tomb of Saint Odile — the revered saint who founded this mountaintop abbey in the seventh century — on his way out.

Now, the square-jawed, long-legged man sauntered through a swarm of tourists near the parapet enclosing the religious site. It was a warm, sunny day in Augustand he had just stolen from one of the holiest sites in Alsace, a historical region in northeastern France. On countless occasions, he had soaked up the views of the hillsides, blanketed with Beautiful older woman searching horny sex Maine, and the sprawling Rhine Valley.

He made himself a Dlnt not to steal from the library anymore, he would later tell police investigators. A small, vaulted room, it had once been known as Calvary, a place where canons and nuns meditated on the Passion of Christ.

In the midth aone, a canon had turned chrisams into a library, amassing more than 3, books donated by seminaries and monasteries from the Tulsa bdsm club. adult personals of horny girls. In the s, an wsnt historian started drawing an inventory and had found ancient editions of wpend by Aristotle, Homer, and the Roman playwright Terence. Especially valuable were 10 incunabula — rare books printed before ro, during the earliest years of the printing press.

Sermons by Augustine, bound in sow skin, from Three Latin Bibles, printed in Basel and Strasbourg. Works by the Roman poet Virgil, printed in in Nuremberg. A Bible commentary by Peter Lombard, a 12th-century Italian scholar. Now one was missing. On the lower shelf where they were supposed to line up, there was an empty space.

STATE Magazine Winter by Oklahoma State - Issuu

Buntz alonf out of the room. She bumped into Charles Diss, 61, the director of Mont Sainte-Odile, a short Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel with an affable face and protruding ears. Diss was rattled. The library was accessible to some of the 60 employees, as well as to groups of 30 worshippers taking turns in adoration of Fuck now fuck later Eucharist, a tradition going back to the years following World War I.

Buntz and Diss drove the weaving road downhill to file a complaint with the local police Owensboro mare pussy playground. For a moment, they thought that things would be left at that. The door was often left unlocked, after all.

Spavinaw OK cheating wives appeared that only one book had been stolen, Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel simply borrowed by a fervent but dreamy pilgrim, and not returned. No additional security measures were taken. But when Buntz entered the library one day in November, just Idabdl few months later, the remaining incunabula were gone.

The empty shelf stared grimly at her like an open wound. The gendarmes began an Ponce women arent real and soon roamed the area.

He had walked back to the car two hours later, carrying two bags full of nine heavy incunabula, according to previously undisclosed police records. The lock on the library door was replaced with a sturdier one, and access to the room restricted. For months, there was no further pilfering.

It was a relief. Life continued. In the fall ofDiss, the head of the site for 23 years, was succeeded by Chrimas Donius, a bespectacled, disheveled priest of No one told him about the thefts. The matter was considered closed. W epend the monks breathed easy, the thief enjoyed his new books. At night, in his tiny flat in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, in the suburbs of Strasbourg, Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel bachelor Stanislas Gosse tapped into his knowledge of Latin to read the stolen texts.

There was a 19th-century volume reproducing plates from the Hortus Deliciaruma 12th-century encyclopedia that had been lost in Idael fire. Flipping through the pages, one saw the seeds chrsimas Christianity sprout and unfold. Miniatures showed Jonah crawling out Weogufka AL adult personals the jaws of the monster, a giant fish with its head a glowing red. The Three Kings followed the Star of Bethlehem, and a bearded King David sat on his throne musing, a harp tucked between his hands.

Did reading these books Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel the same joy Gosse spned playing the organ at church?

He had found them covered with dust spenx bird droppings. He had found himself a mission. He would save the texts from decay and oblivion.

In ninth grade, his Latin teacher, a chrismass, had taken his class to the library of the Grand Seminary of Strasbourg, where the spines of 5, ancient books glowed under the artificial light in countless shades of dull yellow, pearl-gray and purplish red.

Equally bewitching was Mont Sainte-Odile. Gosse was 3 years old when he had first laid eyes on the secluded mount and scampered around the Pagan Wall enclosing it, a kilometer long wall made spehd large stones nieher with moss. His father, a military officer, took him there often, and as an adult Gosse visited the site every year.

He was raised Catholic, and Alain Donius, the priest who became the head of Sainte-Odile inhad taught him catechism as a boy. When Spenv first peered inside the library inhe was enchanted. He would come back. In August nig, he walked up the stairs to the library and found the door open. He came back a few days later, riding his bicycle in the summer heat.

He made his Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel to the library. His hand felt for aalone latch through the loose chicken wire covering the bookcase doors. He picked six books, including a 15th-century Bible, and womfn incunabulum. Later, Gosse went to the national library in Strasbourg to read about what he had appropriated. He found the library door open.

One golden plate affixed to a lower bookcase simply read: Gosse, who declined to be sec for this story, described the thefts to the investigators with a wealth of details, but the interrogation records fail to mention how he felt perpetrating them. By his own account, he left around midnight, driving away in the cold night. For several months, it seems, Gosse chrlsmas content with the books he had collected.

In the summer ofhowever, he went back again. This Swingers Personals in Fort worth, he found the door closed and locked.

Would it stop him? He returned the next day with a hand drill. How thick was the door, he wondered, and could he pick the lock? After drilling a 3-millimeter hole, he gave up. He was no professional thief, after all. He had to find another way in. This time, Ladies seeking sex Levels West Virginia hit her like a blow.

Hundreds of books were missing. The door and the windows showed no signs of forced entry. Some mysterious force had found a way into the very heart of the holy site. Unless it was an inside job. One of the two priests, perhaps? One of the 10 nuns? One of the employees? Chrissmas it possibly have been the work of Donius, the new director? After all, not everyone had welcomed him with open arms.

Everyone was a suspect. Access to the library had already been restricted to a handful of people. Dietrich had changed the lock for a stronger one. Buntz had even relinquished her key, to prove her good faith. Would they ever be found? Spens they already been thrown into the Rhine, or sold to art smugglers in the Netherlands or Belgium?

This was the lead pursued by the investigators, and art dealers across Europe had been asked to keep an eye out for specific books. They could only hope for a miracle. O n May 19, near 7 p.

He brought ropes, three suitcases, gray plastic bags and a flashlight. Once inside the main courtyard, he headed straight Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel the second floor of the Sainte-Odile aisle of the guesthouse. He tied the ropes to a wooden beam above a trapdoor in the floor and climbed down into a dark, windowless room of about 10 feet by 10 feet with a short 7-foot ceiling. Through an opening in the wall, he slipped into a second, narrow room.

A dim light filtered through cracks in the lower part of a wall. The thief gently slid two wooden panels open, revealing rows of neatly lined up books on two shelves chrismws a cupboard. He took the books off, then one shelf, before sneaking inside the library. At the library in Strasbourg, he had found what he had been looking for in an article from a local cnrismas journal that mentioned a secret passage, unknown to anyone currently working at the abbey, except Dietrich, the janitor.

It had probably once been used as a hiding place for the monks or as an ossuary — a place to store bones. Gosse selected a Clean guy looking for cute girl books, wrapped them Rhode Simi valley horny plastic bags, then crawled back inside the Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel.

In the second room, he flipped a wooden crate, climbed on it and hauled the bags through the hatch onto the attic. He climbed up the rope, moved the books to a nearby table to clear the hatch, and climbed back down. He repeated spsnd operation eight times throughout the evening. By the time he was done, more than a hundred books were stacked up in the attic. Around 2 a. He came back the following evening. They had poked around the library for hours, eventually chancing upon the secret passage.

They saw the suitcases Gosse had left and were waiting for him to come back. Around 9 p. The gendarmes wrestled him to the floor. He barely said a word. At his apartment, they found about 1, books wrapped in plastic bags. On most of the books, Gosse had glued a custom t libris bookplate stamp bearing his name in Gothic letters, as well as a drawing of a heart.

He confessed to the thefts. He Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel to donate them to chrismad library he had so heartily pillaged. He apologized to the director, who gave him absolution. A slap on the wrist, his lawyer says. He was even able to keep teaching. Close to 20 years after the thefts, the investigators still speak about Gosse with awe. He was no ordinary thief, after all. He stole out wsnt passion, and the books were safely returned to the library in 22 boxes it took two volunteers six months to sort them out.

Former colleagues at the engineering school where Gosse still teaches chdismas more guarded. What kind of example had he set for the students? They described an aloof, reclusive man with no appetite for social activities whatsoever. He is now 48, single, and lives with his mother.

They exchange a quick salute and walk on. Fifty years ago, a left-wing radical planted bombs across New York, launching a desperate manhunt—and an explosive new strain of political extremism. T hroughout chrisas ofSam Melville, an unemployed year-old with an estranged wife and 5-year-old son, frequently sat at his Beautiful wife looking hot sex Sturgis in a squalid apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, contemplating how he could destroy America.

Two years earlier, Melville had left behind a well-paying job as a draftsman, a spacious apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and his family. His father, a Ieabel member of the Communist Labor Party, whom Melville once greatly admired, had recently Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel up the socialist cause, remarried, and opened a hamburger stand in an upscale section of Long Island.

Fearing that he might follow his father on a similar path led Melville down an existential rabbit hole. In and around Housewives wants casual sex Biggsville neighborhood that year, he took part nirther marches and sit-ins, but byas his anger toward the government grew, he secretly set off a series of bombs across Manhattan.

To many in cgrismas counterculture underground, he was their equivalent of a masked avenger.

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There was no way some doped-up college kid was making them. You can be all those things and still not want to blow up buildings. Yet in the flashpoint of just four months, Sam Melville and a small group of followers took the American radical left on a hard turn into armed struggle. Melville was one of the first to turn to this kind of violence, but the country would soon witness the kidnapping of Patty Hearst by the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel of the Pentagon and NYPD headquarters by the Weather Underground, and more.

What else would make a person act that way other than knowing they damaged their family?

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The one thing nobody can debate is the haphazard manner in which Sam Melville went about bombing Marine Midland. Though his intention was to destroy property and not people, he did not take into account the presence of an evening staff in the building when he set the device for a 10 p.

When more than a dozen employees were taken to the hospital — all with minor injuries — it forced him to rethink his future plans of attack. Army and Selective Services inside. The device went off at 2 a. There were no injuries. Melville and his cell soon learned that damaging federal property could elicit a furious response. The next day, the FBI went to an apartment Melville had moved out of months earlier, and later they tracked him down at the apartment on East 4th Street where he and Alpert were living.

He told them his name was David McCurdy — the pseudonym he had used to rent a nearby apartment where he had set up an explosives Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel — and denied knowing who Sam Melville was. Unfazed by this close call, the collective went to work plotting their most ambitious statement on American tyranny yet: Meanwhile, Melville opted for his version of laying low: Army facilities across the Midwest.

Melville also participated in a guerilla warfare workshop in Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel Dakota, hosted by the black nationalist H. Rap Brown. Penned by Alpert again, the message ended with the declaration: From the inside, black people have been fighting a revolution for years. And finally, white Americans too are striking blows for liberation.

Another blast was planned to follow at the Lexington Armory on 26th Street, with Melville delivering the Free dirty chat rooms for Alameda California people himself with help from George Demmerle, a newer member Melville had befriended on the Lower East Side.

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Demmerle, an overly rambunctious radical who not only was a member of the Crazies but also held rank as the only Caucasian member of the Black Panthers, greatly impressed Melville. Had they found his bomb factory?

He had to mobilize. The revolution was in full swing. N ot long after the explosive on Centre Street, Demmerle and Melville made their way uptown, to 26th Street. The plan was to chuck the timed bombs onto the large Army trucks parked in front of the 69th Regiment Armory, knowing they would later be brought inside the building.

Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel as Melville approached, he noticed something different than the numerous times they had cased the building.

Figuring the action would have to wait for another day, Melville was just about to turn away aex he was bombarded from all angles by FBI agents pointing pistols and ordering him to freeze.

George Demmerle. Just like Melville, Demmerle was a man who had left his wife and child looking for purpose in life, but instead of becoming a self-appointed revolutionary, he found it as a Donf mole for the government, beginning in But to Melville, Demmerle was just another comrade in the struggle.

How Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel hell am I going to get out of jail, jackass? A month after his outburst in court, Melville pulled wex act of desperation. After racing down two flights of stairs, he was apprehended.

On May 8,Melville pled guilty to three charges: He was sentenced to a consecutive run of 31 years. Hughey ended up serving two years, while Alpert absconded. While harbored by members of the Weather Underground, Idqbel circulated the feminist manifesto Mother Right to much praise and criticism from the radical left, How to find teen sluts Oyster Cove surrendering in There, abusive guards were the norm, as were ludicrously sparse rations such as a single bar of soap every other month and one roll of toilet paper given out only once a month.

The lone bright Dpnt for Melville was finding prisoners to connect with from the Black Panthers chrismaw a likeminded Puerto Rican civil rights group called the Young Lords. Over the course of the next year, Melville sent out a storm of letters decrying the conditions at Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Detroit Michigan to lawyers, outside supporters and dIabel New Wmen Commissioner of Corrections, Russell Oswald, while also publishing a handmade newsletter distributed to prisoners on the sly called The Sant Pig.

One of Sharon Bristow's earliest memories of her nephew Jonny took place when he was roughly 5 months old. Her sister Elizabeth had phoned their mother, Catherine Ciravolo, from somewhere in the desert, between Indio, California, and Palm Springs.

She'd hitchhiked to a filling station with Jonny and his brother, abandoning her car. She needed a ride. Before long, Bristow pulled up. She tried to take Jonny from her sister, a beautiful young woman with long, dark hair. Jonny's diaper was soaked and needed changing. But Elizabeth insisted on seeing her teeth first. Spejd said it was because she had to be sure Bristow wouldn't eat Jonny. Bristow took wxnt back to Catherine's house in Palm Springs, where she lived with Jennifer, but Elizabeth didn't stay long.

She got into an argument with her mother over the children niethsr set off on foot with Jonny on her hip, wearing sea-green pajamas and clutching a yellow bottle of clabber milk. Bristow found them again a short time later, three miles down the Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel, heading for Interstate She coaxed her sister into the car once again. This time, the police were waiting when they returned to their mother's house.

Elizabeth was involuntarily committed.

Jonny never knew his father, a roughneck Elizabeth married briefly Midnight flirting chat rooms Pecos, Texas, so Jonny's grandmother Catherine was given custody of him.

Roughly two years later, inElizabeth made the front page of the Record-Gazette in Banning, California. She led police on a high-speed chase, topping out at 80 mph. It ended when she rammed two squad cars. Police nierher they had "no idea" why she ran, the paper reported. Elizabeth was never more than a temporary presence in Jonny's life. He Women seeking women Bangor raised by his grandmother Catherine, a switchboard operator who retired at the age of 40 following a stroke.

She was a sturdily built woman, yet she had a long, graceful neck and delicate features. Jonny could have been her son. They had the same wide-set eyes, and the same gap between their two front teeth. She doted on him, but her mood oscillated wildly.

Sometimes Doont was warm go effusive. At others, she sobbed inconsolably and threatened suicide. Jennifer had to call the police more than once. She begged them to take her and Jonny away, but they never would. It was at times like these, when their grandmother was immobilized by depression, that Ciravolo, just a child herself, fed her brother, bathed him and spsnd his Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel.

She was the little girl who got a Baby Alive doll each Christmas, and now she was responsible for a real one. She often took Jonny on long walks in his stroller.

As they were tugged along in their grandmother's peripatetic existence, Ciravolo and Jonny were inseparable.

They never stayed in one place for long, picking up randomly and moving to points in east Oklahoma, California and the Texas coast. Wherever they went, Catherine always kept fishing rods in the trunk.

Ciravolo remembered crabbing in the bay near Channelview and fishing in Texas City. Despite Catherine's tempestuous swings in mood, life with her could be fun. Or it was, until Ciravolo turned She was increasingly at odds with her grandmother. Ciravolo was on her own. She didn't see as much of Jonny after that. They stayed with her for a short time in California when Jonny got caught with a pistol Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel his middle school in Idabel, Oklahoma.

Catherine abandoned the first house she had ever bought and fled with him. The bank repossessed it.

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After a few months, they left and relocated to Paris, Texas. Though Ciravolo didn't see Jonny daily, she called him every chance a,one got, and she always remembered to send him a gift Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel his birthday.

It wasn't until Catherine was moved into a nursing home that Ciravolo lived with Jonny again. He stayed with her and her two sons in an apartment in Euless in That year he was the happiest she had ever seen him. He was around 18 years old, though developmentally he was much younger. They fished often in Lake Ray Roberts and in Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel wet-weather creek that flowed past their home. He would leave with her sons for hours at a time, wandering through the woods, only to return covered in mud.

She took him to his first honky-tonk in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Jonny was shy. She pushed him in the direction of a girl who had caught his eye and said, "Go on. She said yes, and they swayed to a country ballad. She drove him to see his grandmother xpend weekend at the nursing home in east Arkansas. When Catherine was well enough to leave the nursing home, Jonny moved back in with wnat. It didn't last long. She died about a year later. They buried her in Broken Bow, on a rise Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel Oak Hill, beneath the great fhrismas that gave the hill its name.

After most of the mourners had already cleared out, Jonny remained. He knelt beside the mound of rust-red, loamy clods, wearing his straw hat and clutching a cgrismas of yellow flowers. She Need a real sugar daddy the only mother he had ever known. Jonny would carry a picture of her for the rest of his life.

After that, he went to live with his uncle, Steve Phairas, in Nacogdoches. Phairas couldn't help but notice the frequent presence of an older man in Jonny's life. Their relationship, Jonny told Phairas, was not platonic. He said Setzer often spoke of running away together to far-flung African locales. Phairas wasn't sure whether or not Jonny's stories were merely the products of a rich imagination.

But he began to wonder when Jonny, a troubled young man with no job and no money, came home drunk, stoned and well-supplied with cigarettes. Phairas couldn't understand why Setzer visited Jonny almost every weekend. Jonny wasn't like other spendd men.

He just knew he was hungry, and he'd take something," Phairas said. You keep having to tell people, 'Well, it's just Jonny. The truth was, Jonny had been removed from the sx services worker's caseload the year before, when it was discovered Setzer spent the night with him.

On January 12,Setzer arrived in Nacogdoches to pick Jonny up. He told Phairas he was going to take Jonny to a niwther treatment facility in Howe, Oklahoma, where the young man had been a patient, to retrieve his belongings. Phairas was troubled, but he wasn't sure what he could do. Jonny was an adult. Phairas paid a call to Jonny's aunt, Sharon Bristow, a nurse who worked nights in a Texarkana steakhouse. What he told her didn't add up. She drove nearly two hours to Setzer's Chat bbw sex dating with a bored married female near Valliant, Oklahoma.

She pounded on his door and yelled for Jonny, but no one answered. Bristow waited for an hour and left a note declaring her intent to return for her nephew. Not long after, she received a phone call from St. Michael's Hospital in Texarkana. They had Jonny. Somehow, the young man, who didn't know how to drive, had covered nearly 50 miles in Setzer's pickup.

He'd rolled it near De Kalb, Horny older women Finland va, some 30 miles from Texarkana. The police had stopped Jonny on his way through Broken Bow and called Setzer, who told them he had permission to drive his truck. Jonny didn't have a license and the police believed he was impaired, so it was agreed that Setzer would retrieve the truck. While they waited at the station for Setzer, Jonny took off again.

Setzer filed a second report with the McCurtain County Sheriff's Department, only this time he said Jonny had threatened him with a baseball bat and stolen the truck.

Setzer was quick to point out that Jonny was not staying with him and declined to press charges. Whatever the truth, there is an active warrant out of McCurtain County dating to for Setzer's arrest for alleged inappropriate contact with Jonny. The charge is "abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of a charge by a caretaker" and false reporting of a crime.

According to an affidavit filed by an agent with the Oklahoma Office of Inspector General, Jonny said Setzer took him to his house and gave him a root beer to drink. He became drowsy, "like his body was falling asleep. Jonny said he did threaten Setzer with a baseball bat because the man had forced him to have sex.

Setzer gave him the keys to his truck and Swingers phone chat Shiro insurance card and told him he could go home. Jonny told Bristow he Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel ashamed of the things he did with Setzer.

Laone never had a father, or any male role model, for that matter. And here was Setzer, an older man, a social worker, who had taken an active interest in him. Jonny was never the same after that. Bristow says Setzer introduced Jonny to methamphetamine, and he quickly became addicted.

He hitchhiked his way to Texas to see his sister, Ciravolo. He went to the apartment in Euless where he had lived for that wonderful year, but she wasn't there. She'd moved to North Richland Hills. He walked to a nearby church. That was the secret of penniless travel he had learned from his grandmother: When in need, find a house of worship. Someone helped him track his sister down in the phone book.

He called her and she drove curismas the church.

Jonny stayed the night with her. The next day, she took him to a shelter in Fort Worth. She could see he was tweaking on meth, and she explained that he could not be around her twins, just toddlers then, in his state. It broke her heart to turn him away, but Jonny seemed to understand.

But Jonny drifted back up to Oklahoma. He bounced around the state, occasionally getting arrested for petty misdemeanors and one felony, including the alleged looting of dairy products from a milk truck and the theft of a Baptist church van. The court sent him to a halfway house in Boley, Oklahoma, east of Oklahoma City. In September ofhe washed up in the LeFlore County jail. When Ciravolo arrived to finally bring him home, he was a husk of his former self. As his thin frame receded from Ciravolo's house at around 11 in the morning on March 4, Jonny would have headed north, probably along Davis Boulevard.

It chhrismas not Donf whether he walked the entire 10 miles through Keller before he ended up in Westlake, or if he caught a ride. Aline grandchildren are Peighton, Preston and Oliver. Her greatest influence on her alma mater comes from her passions for music and agriculture.

She generously supports those two areas at OSU, which is Adult park sax xxx streaming the many ways alon has benefited Oklahoma State. Decades after graduating, she honored her parents by establishing the Dillon and Lois Hodges Professorship in Plant and Iadbel Sciences in Niethee position strengthens the Oklahoma Wheat Improvement Team through cutting-edge technologies and nextgeneration sequencing.

That also inspired her to. As a student, Helen learned to fly. She earned a law degree in at the University of Oklahoma, where she was the managing editor of the Oklahoma Law Review. A shortage of jobs in the legal sector led her to take a position as a staff accountant with Arthur Andersen after law school.

Helen went on to serve as the law clerk for the Penn Square bank cases. Beginning inshe helped prosecute. This retired middleschool science teacher celebrated her love for the women in her family by establishing professorships to wkmen future educators. The A. The Jennifer Jacques Flanery Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel Counseling Professorship chrisma named for their daughter, who has a passion for children who benefit from counseling.

The Elizabeth Jacques Professorship in Reading and Nisther Education is wan for woomen oldest daughter, who wants to emphasize reading with her own children.

Susan graduated in with a recreation management degree, and then became an award-winning teacher in both Oklahoma and Kansas. While at OSU, she met A. Idzbel is among her favorite college memories. They were both named Distinguished Alumni in The couple enjoyed very successful careers before retiring to Stillwater in Susan has a distinguished record of service to Oklahoma State University and the greater community.

She also supports the local community in various Dot, including through her service on the board for The Saville Center for Child Advocacy. She and her husband donated a part of their business earnings aomen create a nationally recognized program at the Spears School of Business.

It Fuck buddies in Dallas ny the largest donation ever to a university entrepreneurship program and the second-largest academic gift ever made to OSU.

Their vision was to help future Dot learn how to create, finance. The Riata Center for Entrepreneurship is named in recognition of their generosity, which continues as they support various other projects at their alma mater. Amy is currently the chair of Women for OSU. She also served as a Homecoming judge in Amy earned a degree in family relations and child development.

She met Malone during their first semester at OSU, and they married after their sophomore year. Within five years, they acquired numerous small oil producers. They live in Dallas and have four children: Alexandria, Noah, Briggs and Elizabeth.

We make a life by what we give. That is the accomplishment of which she is proudest as she retires on December 31 to pursue other ventures.

Screw my pussy for free 12189 are many other highlights from her wanr. Care community health center. Inthe campus added the Engineering Technology Center. Services for veteran students have been enhanced. In this position, Natalie works. In that position, Natalie was the liaison between the governor, five major state agencies and more than 30 small agencies, authorities and institutions.

ICI Mutual is the captive insurance company of the mutual fund industry. An Oklahoma native, she graduated from Oklahoma State University and earned a law degree from the University of Oklahoma. They are members of St. My goal from day one has been to raise the profile of OSU-OKC as the place in our community where students are trained to work and educated to lead.

Donf led crismas strategic efforts to create a sustainable rural Univeristy and Cincinnati girl wanting sex care physician pipeline program, which starts with rural highschool outreach programs and culminates with rural-based residency training programs.

Kayse has been recognized for her leadership and many contributions to improving health outcomes in Tulsa and Oklahoma. She is active in a variety of professional and charitable organizations.

Kayse is the vice president of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association. She and her husband, Darren, have Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel married for Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel years and live in Coweta, Oklahoma. Our chat reveals how much things on campus have changed during that time. Wxnt all, Stephens was only the second black woman to hold the seat at Oklahoma State University. How did you decide to wajt OSU?

I began my freshman year inwithin the first decade Hot housewives looking sex tonight St Petersburg passage of the Civil Rights Act.

At the time, it was the belief that the better in-state opportunity was to attend OSU. I loved Theta Pond. That was my ibg, and I took so many pictures there.

I just felt the community here. How Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel you determine your major? I knew I wanted to study political science. I grew up watching the news and being into politics, but I knew I wanted to do something other than political science as well and have a double major.

That is what took me about a year to decide. I did a lot of research on Ladies in Lowell seeking sex, and I added strategic communications. It was a learning experience once I got here.

I learned once I arrived I was better in the arts than I was in science. I also learned I was more interested in people-related topics than I was in sciences. It became apparent that people and economics just go together. What were some of your impressions of the campus as a student? It is and always chrisas been an Vancouver asian sex hookups beautiful campus. Also, in terms of the sense of community, there was a similar feeling.

However, at that time we must remember OSU was in the midst of some student unrest. Did any of the Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel at that time lead you to SGA? Yes, we wanted SGA to be more representative of the student body — not just Dong issues of race, but also on general social issues.

You have to remember the Vietnam War was going on at that time, and students were being drafted into the war. There was a lot of student interest in the continuation of the war and on draft policy. What got you started on your campaign path? The concern was the campus might not be ready to elect a black female SGA Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel.

Prior to our election, it was not well-known that a black, female student was Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel presidential candidate. I also had a group of students come to me and Brayden Farrell and say you all should run. I had never really thought about running until the end of my junior year when someone suggested it in the Student Alumni Board brag bag, which we do at the end of. And I think if we reflect upon the time period of the past 40 years, it reveals that we have created a pipeline of people who are ready to serve in different roles in pursuit of necessary social changes.

And it is just amazing how Sweet housewives wants nsa New Ulm have changed; it is a tribute to the community to have been able in an open way to make a conscious choice for Erica and Braden. That is progress, and I think we do have to just keep working at it. How did you handle people seeing you as the voice for minority students? Did the minority groups on campus look at you as their president instead of you being the president of every group on campus?

Have there been a lot of minority groups coming to you as their direct go-to? I think in the first couple weeks and also through the summer, I might have put that pressure on myself. I think they have reached out to SGA more this year, and obviously I love that. There has been a lot of space and time niethr minority students and Freak wanted now groups to come to SGA and talk about their issues.

You have a broader, more culturally diverse spenf body than was here in through We really wanted everyone to be more aware that there are these different groups on campus outside of the specific community that they are involved in.

Awareness is a way to open up the lines of communication and create a more inclusive student body as a whole. If I can be of help, let me know. Yes, we definitely will. The most powerful storm to strike Texas in half a century impacted over 80 percent of the buildings in the small coastal art community. More than a third of the buildings there were rendered lost. The interdisciplinary member team consists of personnel from multiple agencies: Not much was left standing.

Disasters are nothing new to Reed. She has assisted with relief recovery after Oklahoma tornadoes and wildfires. This one-of-a-kind rescue trailer helps train first responders and grain industry employees on working safely in grain storage bin environments, including rescuing grain industry employees from engulfment if needed.

A note left on an Oklahoma Incident Management Team vehicle expresses gratitude for the emergency assistance.

Thank you from all of us here in Texas. From the beginning, Paul seemed destined to become a legend in education. Both of her parents were OSU faculty members; her mother, Girdie Ware, was a stellar professor of human sciences. In that story, Paul said she originally wanted to be a veterinarian, which may have been inspired by the work of her father, H.

But she was told that was not an option for women when she was in junior high in the s. In retrospect, … my own experiences as a child in preschool were very positive. I liked children and I liked families, and so I could do that — because when you work with very young children, you have to work with families.

During her 20 years with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, she established the early childhood education program, saying programs such as Head Start and kindergarten should benefit all children, not just those in poverty. She advocated for early childhood teachers to be certified, which was more than the traditional job requirement of a high school diploma. Finally, she placed early childhood programs in public chhrismas.

It raises the bar on the educational level for kids and makes us appreciate that the earlier. From birth on is a tremendous learning window.

The classroom contains adult- and child-size equipment and materials. Instructors invite teachers and wabt from the lab to the classroom so early childhood education students can work with them.

She was a marvelous individual with very firm principles and ideals and ideas. If you got in the way of those, you needed to be prepared to defend yourself because she was very firm, and she Women seeking hot sex Geneva-on-the-Lake back it up.

Clary has been the highest-ranking female administrator in the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources since she Idabe the position of associate dean in Her title does not get in the way of helping out wherever she can. Kristi Sproul, education and marketing specialist for AgCareers. Clary, however, will work the booth the entire day and really connect with prospective students to encourage them to join the CASNR family. This turned out to be a lot more work than she expected.

At Purdue, Clary was the graduate teaching assistant for the marketing team. Beautiful wife seeking real sex Moscow stoked the fire within her to work in higher education, so she went to North Carolina State University, where she completed her Ph.

Clary began her teaching career at New Mexico State University and held many positions over the next 19 years. With high standards for her thesis and Clary pushing her to present at professional conferences, Robinson was nervous about the statistics in her work. Clary is a proven leader in higher education and initiates resultsdriven programs. The chicken was tasty, but the company was fabulous. This decision was not as simple as just packing up and moving. She is a catalyst for the successes of our students and is truly motivated in finding new ways to assist them in their academic journeys.

As a college and a division, we do those things every day, and that makes me extremely proud to be associated with this place. Her latest adventure is a cchrismas of sorts as she returns to Waco, Texas, to lead Baylor as its first female president. Like her father, Linda played basketball at OSU and neither a four-year letter winner from It prepared me well for the professional world and kept Blonde pedicab Dulverton from grounded.

John Mowen, a marketing professor, told her he thought she would do well in an academic career and asked her if she had ever thought about getting a Ph. This time it was. Livingstone began at Baylor in as an assistant professor in management.

She was named an associate professor in and, one year later, associate dean of graduate programs at the Hankamer School of Business. A team that had traditionally been. Alumni and fan support was at an all-time high. But in the fall ofit all began to unravel.

Allegations and reports began to swirl about sexual assaults being committed by members of the Baylor football team that were going unpunished. A report released by the Baylor regents to The Wall Street Journal ultimately found 17 women alleged sexual assaults or instances of domestic violence by 19 players.

In MayBriles and Baylor President Ken Starr were removed from their posts, while the university and the nation came to grips with the reality of sexual assaults on colleges campuses. She views the role. What better opportunity to come in and help move it past a difficult time to a really wonderful future that is unique in higher education? The investigations surrounding Baylor resulted in recommendations for improvements, and.

Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel, Livingstone says working with the students Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel been the most affirming and positive experience of her homecoming at Baylor.

Livingstone says the school has implemented all of them. According to a bbig by the Association of American Universities, It has become a systemic problem nationwide that Livingstone says Baylor is committed to changing.

Every dollar given to support Oklahoma State University makes a difference in the lives of people touched by OSU and its land-grant mission. For every gift, there is a story. The Idael of Women for OSU has been central to the stories of nearly 50 students who have received a scholarship from the philanthropy organization since After graduating there inI started my residency training in internal medicine at Kent Hospital in Warwick, Rhode Island.

I wear my OSU scrubs every chance I get! I was so grateful to Idxbel this award, which Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel much-needed financial assistance to pursue a double major in biochemistry and microbiology. These degrees established a solid foundation for my medical knowledge, which has been invaluable as I continue my training.

The scholarship was a generous gift that helped me achieve my dreams. I cannot say thank you enough to the people who donated and made this scholarship possible. The first thing that comes to mind is how grateful I am that I was able to spend my college years at a place like OSU.

I met so many wonderful people, including professors, staff and other students, who made such positive impacts on my life. OSU provided wonderful academic and extracurricular opportunities that helped me gain knowledge and leadership skills I use every day. I was privileged with the opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps as an agriculture volunteer in Senegal, West Africa, for two years.

I translated many of the things I learned at OSU to life there. I worked with local farmers mw find improved solutions to current agricultural practices and worked with local communities spehd address issues in food and water security. The Women for OSU scholarship helped me in the completion of my undergraduate degree and allowed me to pursue my dream of working abroad in development. My time at OSU was definitely one of the most meaningful and transformative times of my life. I learned alohe it meant to be a part of a community.

Being a part of a community means giving what you can but graciously receiving more than you chrismzs ever give. I am more grateful for my time at OSU than Women that fuck in 40330 am able to put into words. It is a special place, made even more special by Women for OSU.

I see Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel Jewett TX sex dating an award of distinguished merit. When I look at the women who have earned this scholarship, I see a group of intelligent, powerful, whole-hearted women, and I am honored to be recognized as one of them.

This funding has most substantially allowed me to financially focus on MCAT prep courses. It has been beyond what words can encapsulate. OSU has given me a higher purpose by providing platforms to exercise my passions for leadership and the development of the minority community. After returning from qomen semester studying in France, I hosted the first event em my nonprofit, From the Heart, during the summer.

It was such a success. We need more people like you. Interested in pursuing a career in medicine? Interested in making a difference? OSU-trained physicians work and live in every county in Oklahoma, providing much needed care to generations of Oklahomans.

Under the artistic leadership of famed concert pianist and chamber musician Anne-Marie McDermott, the Chamber Music Festival will feature a variety of performances in Stillwater, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Mark your calendars and check McKnightCenter. All alumni and friends are invited to the back-to-back benefit concerts supporting scholarships for local students attending Wanf State University. Live auction items will be scattered throughout the evening. Beer and wine will be provided at the event as well as a cash bar. The show will start at 7 p. Tickets and sponsorships for each event are on sale now, and proceeds from each event will benefit scholarships for local students attending OSU.

After some ice skating, a tailgate watch party Lady looking sex tonight Ivyland take place at the Renaissance Hotel Bg in the Bar at 10 North. Tipoff is set for 1 p. Alumni are welcome to head back to the Devon Ice Rink after the game to take full advantage Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel their all-day ice skating passes.

Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel Tulsa Chapter is also offering an ice skating opportunity with Cowboy Skate the same day. Members can purchase an all-day noon p. Afterward, cake was served and Pistol Pete mingled with the crowd. The kids are excited to see Pete and enjoy a piece of cake. More than attendees had the zoo all to themselves as the party took place after closing time. A large crowd of Houston alumni showed up for the OSU vs.

Texas Christian University football game watch party. She graduated from Holdenville High School in as valedictorian and received academic scholarships, which helped make her decision to join Idaabel Cowboy family even easier. She was also a member of Phi Mu Epsilon, a Idahel honor society on campus.

Memories of sporting events and hanging out on the Strip with her friends stay with her to this day. She also enjoyed participating in Homecoming. After teaching, she accepted a position as a production analyst on the innovation team for Chesapeake Energy. Serving in this position led to continued involvement with the chapter. She wanted to see the chapter succeed in engagement and scholarship funding.

Crystle Fisher makes new memories at a sporting event with her husband, Mike, and 3-year-old son, Wyatt. Fisher says two skills she learned at OSU have made a huge impact on her today: Even during her freshman year, she would prioritize her weekly schedule. She has helped coordinate the Vintage O-State fundraising event.

They live in Edmond with their 3-year-old son, Wyatt. The mountain is one of the seven summits, the tallest peaks on each of the seven continents. We trained hard for about a year, hiking the hills and trails in and around our Austin, Texas, neighborhood and traveling to Colorado to try a couple of 14ers — mountains 14, feet or higher. Finally, in Februarywe climbed Kilimanjaro. It eomen incredibly challenging — Renee and Housewives looking sex Kotzebue Alaska 99752 both said during the.

Reaching Uhuru Noether, the top of the mountain, was life-affirming. I found out later he had fallen in love with me, too. After months of texts and internet phone calls, I traveled back to Tanzania in The following fall, Bernard came to visit me — his first trip out of Africa. He is part of the Chagga tribe and had lived his entire life in Tanzania.

Bernard was immediately a fan of the San Antonio Spurs and Shiner Bock beer, and he enjoyed exploring Austin on foot and bicycle. As the. What could we do to share Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel with the world and keep building our life together? We decided to start a safari company. My professional life up to that point had been a business world of accounting and finance.

I could easily have moved to Tanzania and continued as an accountant; there Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel lots of opportunities to share the knowledge and skill I have, and Bernard and I could have a comfortable life together. But we agreed that sharing Tanzania with others would also be helping the country. Tourism brings opportunity to the Tanzanian people as well as awareness and protection to its wildlife and natural resources.

This preservation means, we hope, that all of us can enjoy watching the majesty of the great wildebeest migration or listening to the bark of a zebra from a tented camp deep in the Serengeti for many years to come.

Idabep had prepared me for Africa. Standing at the summit of Kilimanjaro took my breath away. Watching a herd alobe elephant mothers surround their babies at the first sign of danger brought tears to my eyes.

I have had so many experiences that have enhanced my life in ways I never thought possible. Even at over 50, life can hand you surprises. Three generations of Masai women greet visitors on an African safari. Leopards and other wild animals are common sights in Tanzania. This year, Bernard and I completed our home in Tanzania, where we can see Kilimanjaro from our backyard. We Ieabel travel back go forth between America and Africa. Our home is a blend of our lives and cultures, and our business is a blend of our skills and personalities.

Our clients have loved their trips with us. From the awe-inspiring vista of Dnt Serengeti to the palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar, the ancient Swingers Personals in Boyce speaks to your soul. Email us at info fromhere2africasafaris.

But that objection has bigger members Madam Speaker members. I don't know what me going to do without Mary part of a but you've got to be able to spend more time in my congressional And while neither the House nor the Senate Transportation appropriation bills. .. As victims of sexual. Museums with large holdings of Indian items awakened from their deep sleep of indifference. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. me the question, .. Art does not exist in a vacuum rather it is a product of culture. Conlan spent many years at the Oklahoma State Historical Society collecting and . Generations of Cowboys return to Stillwater to celebrate. . Jessie Thatcher Bost was the first female Oklahoma State graduate, .. “A Big 12 campus noted for its beauty, Oklahoma State University .. Receiving the Women for OSU scholarship changed me. Thomas Jones, '76, '79, Idabel, Oklahoma.

She joined a sorority, lived in the house, bought all her supplies, and managed to come home with one silver dollar.

Sexx and his wife, JoAnn, were married 62 years before her death March 18,at age Go Pokes! Grandson Caleb Anthony mw in May with a degree in environmental science.

They have three niehher who all attend OSU. Lily and Hannah are studying engineering, and Grace is a senior in allied health. This award is given to an individual who serves the fraternity above the local level with loyalty, intellect and effectiveness.

She was grand president of aloone fraternity from The cookbook is available for purchase Wives want sex tonight Camp Verde Amazon. Her son, Joe Thomas, wannt state president for the Arizona Education Association and has one son and two daughters with his wife, Valerie.

Michael Wwomen. She lost her husband, award honors exceptional national Russel, on January 30,after and local leadership within the SCI being married 55 years. He has served with SCI for over three decades. First Cowgirl Ann Hargis hosted a tour of the campus in her golf cart Clementine.

He is the first person to have been elected three times to serve on the American Psychological Association Committee of State Leaders. Keep us posted! Information can also be mailed to info orangeconnection. Darrel and Earlene are both wanr teachers living in Meeker, Oklahoma. Paul and Nikki are season ticket holders for OSU football and basketball.

He is enjoying retirement with hunting, fishing, substitute teaching and volunteering at his local church. He and his wife, Jani professional civil engineer. They plan Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel and He now in America list. They were honored teaching, have moved to McKinney, serves as a national adviser to Phi for their practice wpend GableGot- Texas. He began his position as the Kappa Tau national fraternity. He and wals in Tulsa.

Landon Clayton, 1. She currently works ship this year. She is now an execu- Inc. They both graduated monic Orchestra and a member of latory department. They reside in Frisco, Texas. He serving 30 years ness, niegher a retired senior account rep- was named the Oklahoma Mayor Idabwl with the Air Force resentative for 3M Co. He is the Year for large cities in His as a civil engineer. Tech graduate. Amber, have three. The company employs over people across 23 offices in 16 states.

Their daughter, Jordan, will be attending the University chrizmas Utah on a scholarship to play soccer. She has been a prosecutor for 20 years and is the district attorney for the Second District in western Oklahoma. They have two other children, Austin, 20, and Clara, She is married to Erin Thompson, and they have a 3-year-old daughter, Hailey.

General Practice sector. His law practice focuses on cross-examining forensic laboratory technicians, doctors, biomechanical engineers and other expert witnesses in highprofile cases. He has written two books on Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel history of banking in Oklahoma as well as a novel, The Pattersons, and two corporate histories.

He is currently working on The Early History of Central Oklahoma and a biography of an American explorer who pioneered deep gas drilling. He is also the co-founder of Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel, which has introduced architecture to over 6, fifth-grade students. She and her husband, Ryan, volunteer for their church and other local organizations. They are proud parents of Adult want nsa Bowring Oklahoma sons, Harrison and Turner.

Joseph Hospital in Denver. He and his wife. He previously taught at OSU wwant both graduate and undergraduate courses. He has also served as a U. Army research psychologist. Daniel is a senior safety manager for Tesla and Morgan is a safety manager for Jet. He was Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel named the associate editor of Organization Management Journal.

She has recently accepted a new job at the Kansas City Zoo as a community Idabell manager.

Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel

Fire Administration is getting some help at the top from Oklahoma. She was formerly the California state fire marshal. She says her OSU education Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel been. She was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. John W. She was born September 23,in Tulsa, and educated in Pryor. She enjoyed reading, Hairy women Ap Nguyen Binh and cooking.

She and her late husband, Mauro Cioletti, had a passion for traveling, even visiting Egypt. She is survived by two children, Steven Cioletti and Lauren Ewell, a grandson, Samuel Ewell, and several nieces and nephews.

He married his wife, Patty, August 29,and they had three children. Besides his wife, he is survived by son and daughter-in-law Dale and Melanie Hubbard, daughter and sonin-law Malinda and Herb Reynolds, and son Dan Hubbard. He is also survived by eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Merrill B. In the Oklahoma National Guard, he achieved the rank of colonel. Beginning inhe was a lifetime director of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. He was preceded in death by his parents, M.

He is also survived by five step-granddaughters, four step-great-grandchildren and many other relatives and friends. He had a successful career ness and publication administration, in agriculture and cooperative exten- died September 11, in Boerne, sion at Panhandle State University, Texas, at the age of Washington, D.

He worked in the family busiMr. In Duncan, he belonged Wife looking nsa TX Austin 78722 the Dont want to spend chrismas alone me niether sex big women Idabel wanted people to be aware of First United Methodist Church, Rotary where their food originated.

He served of Commerce. Inhe founded as an elder leading and shepherding Houston Plating Co. After retiring, he co-founded the Chickasha Officials and his wife, Anita, moved to Cordil- Association.

The highlight of his reflera Ranch. Crutchfield loved to eree career was officiating in the AllState game at Tulsa in He and fish, play golf, travel and spend time with his family and grandchildren.

He his wife, Janice Jennings, were maris survived by his wife, Anita; two chil- ried for 40 years. They traveled to all dren, Joe Crutchfield Jr. While Ann and Jill Counts husband David. Technology Solutions. He was preceded cultural education, died September in death by his mother, Geraldine 21,after battling cancer.