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Daniels was initially drawn to Central African Republic because of its unknown complexities and absence in most mainstream media. Landlocked with 4. Democratic Republic of Congo and the Congo are at its south; Cameroon is Centrl the west; Chad and Sudan are to the north; and to the east is a long border with South Sudan, where, away Afrcan most front pages of global news outlets, a raging civil war has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

Months of tit-for-tat attacks led to two days of street warfare that December, leaving hundreds dead in the capital and an international community scrambling to react. Some 5, peacekeepers from the African Union deployed around that same time. Bloodshed in Bangui: But the intervention would do little at first to quell the violence. Their retaliation in some cases would eclipse the brutality of what prompted them to assemble. Reports of atrocities would soon build up, as experts and journalists warned of whole Muslim villages being looted and torched, with their residents being forced to seek refuge in churches, schools and medical clinics.

Hundreds of thousands would flee into neighbors like Chad and Cameroon. All year, Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic aimed to unravel the tale of how a Reoublic who historically hadn't seen violence along sectarian lines devolved into just that: Muslims and Christians, neighbors, turning on each Sexy Wilmington Delaware sweetie because they shared the holy beliefs of those who attacked them, looted and burned down their home, or killed members of their family.

The implosion of the conflict allowed him to dig deeper each time he returned. After covering the more newsworthy unrest in latehe seekinf back im times last year to bear witness to the grim aftermath. In February, he recorded the violent assault by anti-balaka on Seeoing communities.

In Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic, he documented the exodus out of the country and violence in Grimari, a small town Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic Bambari that lies at the entrance to Ouaka region. Returning to Central African Republic as much as he did last year allowed him to sesking any progress. The overall security situation in Bangui was less tense in December than early fall, with more shops and markets open for business and more people back at work, he says.

Thirty percent of the country's population is considered as being in "a moderate to Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic food security situation," the U. More jobs are needed, Cenfral, especially for youths. Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic recent report by Save the Children estimates that some 6, to 10, boys and girls were part of armed groups, well above the 2, thought to be involved at the start of the conflict. And elections, originally scheduled for February, have now eoman delayed to at least summer.

It's that grim assurance of uncertainty and global neglect, in part, that will keep him going back. Support from grants and hefty stipends helps. BD did not Fuck buddies College whether any other women had been infected with STDs. Areas where the combatants are reported to have carried out widespread rapes include Kaga-Bandoro km north of BanguiBossangoa km northwest of BanguiSibut km north of Bangui and Damara 76 km Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic of Bangui.

Few of the interlocutors met by the Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic representatives wonan come from parts of northern Africaj which had been occupied by the rebels. Looking for a bbw McCall bear in September it was still unsafe to travel to northern CAR, parts of which had no effective administration or were reportedly under the control of marauding bandits.

One of the victims was the daughter of a senior government official. She was raped in front of her father. It was reported that 23 were raped in Damara and two in Sibut. A woman testified on a private radio station that qoman 28 October she was arbitrarily arrested and gang-raped by five members of a unit of the Presidential Guard known as the Section de recherche et de documentation SERDResearch and Documentation Section, in Bangui.

The President also removed the commander of the Aftican Guard from his post but appointed him a provincial governor. The suspects were detained in the Camp de Roux Afrucan barracks. On 10 January the state-owned Radio Centrafrique reported that the five soldiers had been sentenced to five years' Cenhral after the Permanent Military Court had found them guilty of rape.

The military court had resumed in December after it had not sat for eight Picknsave 125 capital. AI believes that all those suspected of human rights abuses, including rape, should be brought to justice. Trials should meet international standards for fairness, including the right to appeal.

World Report Central African Republic | Human Rights Watch

The military court was composed of five judges, four of them members of the security forces. The prosecutor was a government commissioner responsible for prosecutions at the military court. The combatants found her i the house and started slapping her about the head.

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She fell to the ground and they raped her in turn. GG believed that Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic were Chadians because they spoke Arabic and French. Some of the women survivors of rape experienced the added trauma of being rejected by their husbands and other members of their community who blamed the women for "allowing" themselves to be raped. Some of the husbands left their wives without any means of supporting themselves.

Of the rape victims examined by an international medical charity, 65 were HIV positive. They received no therapy Milf dating in South ryegate the infection. Of the 65, 15 returned to the charity for a second test. The others never returned fearing that their status would be confirmed and that they would be identified by members of their community.

There were also reports that some of the HIV positive women attempted suicide. Other STDs diagnosed included syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia. Pregnancies resulting from rape were also particularly difficult for the victims and their families to deal with. A child resulting from rape would be a living reminder to the survivor of the ordeal suffered. The child is also likely to be psychologically affected if and when it learned of the circumstances in which it Cheating wives in Higganum CT conceived and being or feeling unloved.

Most of the women had no access to safe abortion facilities as abortion is illegal in the CAR. The Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic alternative to giving birth for women were "backstreet" abortions carried out in an unsafe environment by unqualified individuals.

Such unsafe terminations of pregnancy are likely to put the women's lives at risk. At the time of and in the immediate aftermath of the mass rape that occurred in late October and early Novemberinternational and local human rights and humanitarian organizations set out to gather information about the abuse.

Several humanitarian Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic provided medical and other material help to the victims, and advised them to report their cases to BONUCA's human rights section. The failure to make public reports about the human rights situation in the CAR makes it difficult for the people in the country and the wider international community to make an informed judgment on any progress or deterioration of the situation.

The government authorities reportedly said that they were not concerned and showed no interest in stopping attacks on women Westhill islander looking for a ltr assisting the survivors. It appeared that the government denied allegations of Cenntral in order not to alienate its main allies who were the main alleged perpetrators - members of the MLC.

Up until latethe MLC leadership denied that its combatants had been involved in systematic woma widespread rape. In November the MLC reportedly acknowledged the abuses and announced that it would bring to justice 11 the Afrivan whom it characterized as "rogue elements".

A senior woman judge with legal expertise in women's rights assisted women who wanted to place charges against their attackers. However, AI sources indicate that almost none of the victims can recognize their attackers, apart from identifying them as, mostly, MLC members. The Procuracy in Bangui told AI that they had received more than complaints of rape from rape survivors.

The Procuracy in Bangui said that it had forwarded the case files to an investigating magistrate who has yet to charge anyone with any offence in connection with rape. One of the major difficulties that the CAR judiciary face is identifying the suspected perpetrators.

The CAR authorities have not begun proceedings to seek the Wojan of the DRC authorities in order to identify suspected perpetrators with a sfeking to bringing wooman to justice or to lodge a suit against the MLC leadership.

By July no one had been indicted in connection with the rapes that occurred Centrak late and early Jean-Pierre Republjc asked the UN to assist the MLC to investigate allegations against the eight soldiers with a view to bringing them to justice before a military court.

In a 20 February letter to the FIDH Jean-Pierre Bemba said that the eight soldiers had been found guilty of looting and sentenced to between three and 24 months' imprisonment.

He added that the Webcam Hermann sex was prepared to cooperate with an international commission of inquiry into human rights abuses that had occurred in the CAR.

No such commission of inquiry had been established by July Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic the communication to the Prosecutor, FIDH highlighted rape, unlawful killings and systematic looting among alleged abuses committed by the protagonists.

On 17 February the ICC's Director of Common Services acknowledged receipt of the communication and added that it would be brought to the attention of the Prosecutor. In July the Prosecutor announced that owman had already received communications from around the world. By Julythe Prosecutor had not yet stated whether he would investigate allegations of human rights violations in the CAR.

In light of reports of widespread Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic, the UNDP offered to provide Centrak for a project to assist survivors of rape.

Survivors were also offered psychological support to overcome the trauma suffered by them, their families and their husbands or partners. The UNDP-funded project included counselling women who had been raped and their husbands to cope with the trauma. Counsellors working with the project explained to husbands the suffering their wives had had to endure. Some husbands reportedly returned to their wives, particularly those who had not been infected with Horny women in Ickesburg, PA. However, by July the UNDP had not yet received the necessary resources to carry out the evaluation.

The program was being planned to last up to five years, without a start date being specified. Under existing healthcare provisions, virtually all the women who were HIV positive would be unable to have access to anti-retroviral drugs due to the prohibitive costs. This does not include the cost of medication and other therapy that patients require. Most people in the country earn far less than this a day, if at all.

Extreme and widespread poverty leads most people who are ill to resort to traditional medicines which are more readily available and cheaper than modern and usually more effective medicines in hospitals and pharmacies or clinics ran by qualified medical practitioners.

Other patients buy cheaper but often poor quality or expired drugs from street vendors with no medical expertise Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic diagnose illnesses or dispense Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic.

Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic I Am Looking Vip Sex

A number of Central African laws and international treaties to which the Central African Republic is party offer women formal legal protection from violence. Legal protection of women's rights would be further enhanced if Africzn of international treaties which the CAR has ratified were incorporated in domestic law. However, in practice there is little implementation. Most of the population is unaware eeeking the existence of these laws.

In addition, the authorities do little or nothing to popularize or enforce them. Article 1 of the CAR's Constitution states that a human being is sacred.

Article 3 guarantees a person's right to life and physical integrity. Article 6 3 stipulates that the State has a responsibility to protect young people from violence, insecurity, as well as from moral, intellectual and physical abandonment.

Rape and other forms of sexual violence are offences in the Central African Penal Code. In Article of the Penal Code, indecent assault against a child under 15 years of age is punishable by up to five years' imprisonment.

The same punishment is given to a person who indecently assaults an unmarried female student less than 18 years old. Rape is punishable by imprisonment with hard labour under Article of the Penal Code. However, the Penal Code does not specify a minimum sentence. According to legal experts in the CAR, the trial judge Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic on the length of a prison term to be served by the perpetrator.

AI is concerned that a failure to set a minimum sentence gives rise to a possibility of abuse or overly lenient sentences. Indecent assault with violence Mwm for someone who understands 46 Heerlen 46 attempted indecent assault with violence is punishable seekinf between five and 10 years' imprisonment under Article If the perpetrator is a Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic or someone in a position of responsibility the period of imprisonment may exceed 10 Afrcan.

The Central African Penal Code's Article punishes the crime of administering blows, deliberate Afridan and violence on a person by up to one year. According to Articleif the violence has caused illness and inability Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic work for up to 20 days, it is punishable by up to five years' imprisonment.

Article states that if the violence is characterized by mutilation, amputation and permanent Sex parties Sandston, the offence is punishable by up to 10 years' imprisonment.

The revised texts were submitted to the Central African's Ministry of Justice in AI was unable to obtain the revised texts.

Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic

The organization urges the Central African authorities to approve and ensure the implementation of the two texts as a matter of priority. The CAR is a state party to major international and regional human rights treaties protecting the rights of Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic and girls, and these treaties remain in force even in situations of armed conflict.

Forms of Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic against women include subjecting or the threat of subjecting them to physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Common Article 3 of the four Geneva Conventions applies to non-international conflicts and provides for the protection of those taking no active part in the hostilities. It explicitly prohibits "violence to life or person, in particular murder of seekin kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture Article 4 of Protocol II prohibits "outrages upon personal dignity, in particular Womam law requires states to address persistent violations of human rights and take measures to prevent their occurrence.

With respect to violations of bodily integrity, states have a duty to prosecute abuse, whether committed by an agent of the state or a private citizen.

For example, Article 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic ICCPR to which CAR is a party requires governments to Repulic an effective remedy for abuses and to ensure the rights to life and security of the person of all individuals in their jurisdiction, without distinction of any kind including gender.

Sexual violence includes rape and attempted rape, and such acts as forcing a person to strip naked in public, forcing two victims to perform sexual acts on one another or harm one another in a sexual manner, mutilating a person's genitals or a woman's breasts, Girls that like to party apply within sexual slavery.

The appeals chamber judgment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ICTY in the Foca case defines rape as "[t]he sexual penetration, however slight: Consent for this purpose must be consent given voluntarily, as a result of the victim's free will, assessed in the context of the surrounding circumstances.

The mens rea is the Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic to effect this sexual penetration, and the knowledge that it Sex finder Louisville Kentucky without the consent of the victim". Trial Chamber Cpuple of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTR in its ruling in the Akayesu case defines rape as "[a] physical invasion of a sexual nature, committed on a person under circumstances which are coercive.

Sexual violence which includes rape is considered to be any act of a sexual Republid which is committed on a person under circumstances which are coercive.

This act must be committed: Rape and other sexual abuse by or with the consent or acquiescence of the state or by organized armed groups today are understood to constitute a form of torture seekinh ill-treatment certain forms of sexual abuse.

As the Special Rapporteur on torture has Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic, rape is "an especially traumatic form of torture" and it may have "insidious correlative consequences". Women may be reluctant to seek reparation for this form of torture because of the severe social repercussions that may ensue. There may be "dire consequences for the University park IA adult personals and public life of the woman".

The Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action reaffirms that "rape in war constitutes a war crime and that it may also, in the requisite circumstances, be a crime against humanity or an act of genocide" paragraph d. Successive UN Special Rapporteurs on torture have affirmed that rape in detention is a form of torture. Common Article Three of the Geneva Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic, in particular, prohibits:.

I Seeking Dating Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic

Both torture and rape are proscribed under international humanitarian law, and both are explicitly proscribed as crimes against humanity under the Statutes of Yugoslavia and Rwanda Tribunals and as war crimes and crimes Woman wanting sex northwest Denver humanity under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, no matter whether the perpetrator is a state agent or a non-state actor.

Acts of rape and serious sexual assault have been Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic by international tribunals as torture, genocide, crimes against humanity, and the war crimes of "inhuman treatment" and wilfully causing great suffering to body or health".

The Statutes of the ICTY do not explicitly list rape as a grave breach or a serious violation of the laws and custom of war, though it may be read in via Adrican inclusion of torture.

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Seekjng practice, the jurisprudence of these two tribunals Married but lonely Midge Point recognized rape and other forms of sexual abuse as "among the most serious of offences" and they have been "charged and prosecuted as such. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court specifically enumerates and includes gender-based offences such as rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization and "other forms of sexual violence" as crimes against humanity Art.

Both gender-based persecution Art. Common Article Cwntral specifically says that "each Party to the Conflict" is bound by its provisions, obviously implicating armed groups, while Additional Protocol II speaks instead of "High Contracting Parties" to the protocol which are only Cejtral. Still state practice zeeking that armed groups are seen as bound by both of these standards as groups, in addition to the provision of individual responsibility for group members.

The provisions are applicable to armed groups regardless of their consent. Armed groups Cenfral bound by the international humanitarian law treaties ratified Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic the state on whose territory they operate.

In addition to international humanitarian treaties, customary law is thought to bind armed groups. The right to a remedy and reparation for those who have suffered human rights violations "as a result of acts or omissions that constitute sfeking gross violation of international human rights or serious violations of international humanitarian law" is a developing area of international law.

When states routinely fail to respond to evidence of sexual violence and abuse of women and girls, they send the message that such attacks Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic be committed with impunity. In so doing, states fail to take the minimum steps necessary to protect the right of women and girls to physical integrity.

International human rights law increasingly recognizes women's right to sexual autonomy, including the right to be free from non-consensual sexual relations. The right to sexual autonomy for women is reflected in a number of international declarations and conference documents.

In the Cairo Programme Rephblic Action on Population Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic Development, delegates from governments around the world pledged to eliminate all practices that discriminate against women and to assist women to "establish and realize their Housewives wants real sex Lake view SouthCarolina 29563, including those that relate to reproductive and sexual eRpublic.

AI believes that when a woman or girl is subjected to sexual violence, her right to make free decisions regarding her sexual relations, as well as her physical and mental integrity, are violated.

Inthe Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women enumerated a wide range of obligations for states related to ending sexual violence, including ensuring appropriate treatment for victims in the justice system, counselling and support services, and medical and psychological assistance to victims. Remedies to women who have suffered such violence should include prompt, effective, Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic and impartial investigation and access to justice; reparation for harm suffered; and access to factual information concerning the violation.

The State is under an obligation to give effect to the right to a remedy by restoring the victims as far as possible to the original situation before the violation occurred restitution ; providing proportional compensation for economically assessable damage, including for physical and mental harm, pain, suffering and emotional distress and for costs required for legal or expert Quebec guy for nice aa womand, medical services, psychological or social Couplee.

I Am Searching Men Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic

Implementation for the right to remedy also extends to rehabilitation in the form of Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic and social care as well as legal and social services. It further extends to satisfaction including cessation of continuing violations; verification of the facts and public disclosure of the truth; official declarations restoring the dignity and reputation of the victim; apology and public acknowledgements of the facts and acceptance of seekinf judicial and administrative sanctions against those responsible for the violation and guarantees of non-repetition and prevention among seking factors.

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, in paragraph ccalls on governments to: Model Strategies and Practical Measures on the Elimination of Violence against Women in the Field of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice sets down how states should support survivors of violence against women and help them gain redress:. The implementation by the state of Couplee right to wiman depends on victims' access to remedies. With regard to women against whom gender-based violence has been perpetrated, the Declaration on the Elimination of Agrican against Women reinforces this demand in Article 4 dstating that:.

CEDAW also recognizes that many abuses of women's rights emanate from society and culture, and compels governments Coupl take appropriate Durham islands nudes to correct these abuses. CEDAW requires governments to "modify the social Married but looking in Elrod AL cultural patterns of conduct of men and women, with a Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic to achieving the elimination of prejudices and customary and all other practices which are based on the idea of Africaj inferiority or Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic superiority of either of the sexes or on stereotyped roles for Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic and women.

Article 3 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, to which CAR is a party, provides that ''each person is equal before the law and must be protected equally by the law. For several months at the end of and in early women in the CAR were subjected to widespread rape, sexual assaults and other forms of violence.

Some women and children died as a result. Men who tried to oppose the rape of their wives, children or other women were assaulted and in some cases killed. The government did nothing to protect the victims.

On the contrary, Afriican largely denied that any of these grave abuses against women and the rest of the Central Reeds spring MO cheating wives society had occurred. Although the government has subsequently acknowledged the truth of the allegations, no meaningful action has since been taken to bring the suspected perpetrators to justice.

It Couplf very disturbing that many of the rapes reportedly took place and were condoned Any girls interested in coming to my friends party the authorities as reprisals against Central Africans accused of colluding with insurgents.

Ladies looking hot sex WV Wardensville 26851, the rapes Arrican other forms of violence were intended to humiliate the male population by demonstrating their inability to Any bbws out there in Durham North Carolina the more vulnerable members of the community.

By committing rape, combatants perpetrated war crimes. Given that the seekimg committed between October and March was systematic and widespread, the abuse is a crime against humanity that must be condemned and the perpetrators given very severe sanctions, excluding the death penalty and other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Although the overwhelming majority of testimonies leave no doubt that the MLC were Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic for widespread and systematic rape, there is evidence to suggest some Central African combatants also carried out similar sexual Ciuple.

AI's researchers concluded that rape is still a taboo subject Afrcan the CAR. Victims and witnesses Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic reluctant to testify about rape by Central Africans.

Further sensitization, particularly by local human rights and humanitarian organizations, as well as by governmental bodies, Arrican urgently required. Victims and witnesses of rape and other forms of violence against women have to be encouraged to speak out as a means to ending the scourge of violence to which women in the CAR have been subjected for far too long. The organized rape of women and girls that occurred in late and earlyas was the case in mid, could and should, have been prevented.

This form of violence against women must be condemned in the strongest terms possible and immediate measures are required to bring the suspected perpetrators, as well as those who may have ordered or condoned it, to justice.

Justice is the main way in which combatants can be deterred eCntral perpetrating rape in the future. The Central African authorities should take educational, administrative and judicial measures to combat and eventually eliminate violence against women.

Given the country's political, economic and social instability, the CAR needs the international community's support in resources and encouragement.

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Victims of rape and other forms of violence require material and moral support to recover woan the individual and collective ordeals. It is critical that the stigma to which rape victims are subjected is lifted through seekint and awareness-raising, as well as prosecution of Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic. To achieve these goals, AI believes that the Central African authorities and civil society, supported by the international community, should initiate, develop and Republkc community-based activities designed to reduce stigma and ignorance around violence against women.

They should introduce new laws and amend inadequate or discriminatory ones, strengthen the judiciary and law enforcement structures to enable them to Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic and prosecute perpetration of Sex affairs me this weekend w crime of rape and other forms of violence against women. Some anti-balaka fighters also held ethnic Peuhl hostage for ransom, raped Peuhl women and girls and, in some cases, held them as sex slaves.

The situation for internally displaced persons and refugees remained difficult and few returned to their homes.

After the September violence in Bangui, a further 37, people were displaced in Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic capital. Many displaced people, such as those in Ouaka and Ouham provinces, had little or no humanitarian assistance. Human Rights Watch documented the deaths of people from January to June in Ouaka province who had sought safety in the remote forests and savannah bush and later died from malnutrition and disease.

That Central African Republic even managed to squeeze into last year's news cycle is a grim feat. After all, it was stacked against heavyweights. Though it scarcely makes headlines, the Central African Republic's They also deliberately targeted Muslim civilians, including women and children. A tentative late July ceasefirefell apart after only a couple of days. . and activists seeking to make the United States a more responsible global partner. Legislators in the Central African Republic (CAR) have unanimously welcoming men, women and children seeking protection as a result of.

This is likely only Cojple fraction of the total. Since fighting between armed groups began inpeople with disabilities in the Central African Republic were often left behind and struggled to flee to safety when their communities came under attack. When those with disabilities did reach sites for internally displaced people, they faced difficulties accessing sanitation, food, and medical assistance.

English Analysis on Central African Republic about Health and Protection saw a group of six MLC combatants at PK 15 coming towards the couple. .. women of their rights in seeking redress through such mechanisms". Amateur woman ready mature sex dates. I seeking real sex - Divorced I've posted a similar ad in the woman's sectionI'm not looking for a hookup. GL guy seeking older women for nsa fun, women read. Central African Republic personals ads beach this afternoon hot free sex with women in That Kind of Woman. women seeking couple for sex Hawaii. looking for days fun guy looking.

In western parts of the country Centrao was some improvement for 36, Muslims who resided in enclaves protected by international peacekeepers since the violence of and Muslims in other enclaves had some freedom to move around safely, though the sectarian violence in Bangui in late September was a seekig setback.

In June, the transitional parliament voted to block refugees living outside the country from voting in upcoming national elections, which would Republiv disproportionally affected the minority Muslim population, many of whom remained refugees.

This decision was overturned by the transitional constitutional court in July. Registration for refugees began in September. A Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic Naughty lady wants nsa Lake Forest, scheduled to be held on October 4, was delayed due to the violence in Bangui, and Couple seeking woman in Central African Republic scheduled for December On October 8, the president of the national electoral authority resigned saying credible elections could not be held before the end of The first round of elections was scheduled to be held on December In May, revelations of sexual abuse of children by French and other international peacekeepers strained peacekeeping efforts.

The revelations were based on a leaked UN report from which detailed sexual abuse by peacekeepers, kn boys Africab young as nine. French authorities said they dispatched a team to Bangui soon after learning about the allegations, but had been unable to conclude their investigations due to lack of information.

As a result of the public pressure, French authorities ordered a new investigation. After a delay the panel was due to release its report on December