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This place is really run down and only two or three of the booths are actually working. For being a dump Ridyeley the middle of nowhere though, it gets a steady crowd. William Report. Posted Aug 12 Stopped in a few times early in the day.

A redhead who is there sometimes is nice to spy on through the gloryhole. He had a thick cock and usually blows a huge Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex but won't give you a taste.

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Posted Jun 21 This place has become a real Ridgeoey hole. The booth area is filthy, most of the booths don't work or are closed anyway, the staff does not like Ridgeoey guys or that they come Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex to use the back area, and they'll say so to each other loud enough for you to hear.

It used to be a real nice place when the original owner was running things. Now he's gone and his incompetent son runs the place. It's the only game in town but if you can avoid it, do so. VaBiGuy Report. Posted Aug 01 Stopped by on a recent Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex Rigeley lunch time.

Three cars in the lot when I got there. Three 40 to 50 year old white guys were there. One guy was playing video poker and one guy was hanging outside of a stall. Another blue collar guy followed me to a dark stall, but the video didn't work. Moved to another stall and before I can get the video on his hard thick cock was sticking through the hole.

I usually put a condom on, but this thing was Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex juicy and inviting I just started devouring it.

After enjoying his thick cock and precum for about five minutes he came over and into my booth so I could suck his balls. Honestly, they didn't do much for me, so I quickly finished him off. Was so hot and hoping for one of the other guys to pop in and follow up. I know one was watching through another hole, but after the blue collar guy left, that was it. Posted Mar 09 Went recently and had my dick sucked by a couple. He started but she did most of the work, she was a tall gorgeous blonde.

She gave me some pussy and deep-throated my dick while he fucked Looking for bi polyamorous girl 26 Carolina 26. I didn't get off just Ladies for sex Ban Wang Khon Haen I was hoping they would invite me over. Guy Report.

Dahlia's, Morgantown: reviews at CRUISING for SEX

Posted Dec Ricgeley Had mixed success here, sometimes very quiet. Was here the other night and sucked some cock through the gloryhole. He then came over to my booth and I took his load in my mouth while another guy watched. Then the other guy came in and wanted my ass, which I gave him. Then a third Virgginia wanted the same so I let him cum inside me. Posted Jul Ridgepey I was in the area the second week of July and Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex place had action every night I went.

I went there three different nights and I always hooked up. Good place for a Vrginia nut. Posted Oct 22 I went here yesterday afternoon, had never done a gloryhole before.

Hooked up quick with a guy, nice built, nice cock. Started off just through the hole, then he came to my Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex. We got what we wanted. A mix of guys, all ages, etc. Posted Jul 26 This place is very dirty, broken down, with out of focus video screens, rude employees, and a bunch of queens Great Falls sexy wife around admiring each other.

Don't waste your time or money. Dick Report. Posted Jul 14 You never know what sexx will Kinky sex date in Grover NC.

Swingers, kinkycouples here, but when its hot it is amazing. Married guys Riddgeley in to unload in the afternoon and guys stop in off the interstate day and night.

Last week I sucked 2 huge cocks within 15 minutes and another day drained oon guy from Virginia twice he was that horny. A relaxed atmosphere. Oct 09, Total Listings: Posted Jun 08 Been there the last three days just before noon and have scored each day. Apr 19, Total Listings: Posted Apr 19 The daytime dude who works here is a real ass.

Doesn't like gays apparently. Nov 16, Total Listings: Posted Nov 27 Stopped in today about 2 pm, usually a busy time, but there were only 3 cars in the parking lot. Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex was one patron playing a video game in the back and one booth occupied.

Out of 30 channels on the vids only 8 were working and showing straight porn. I though I had chosen a defective booth so I tried another, but found the same thing. Being thoroughly disgusted with this place, I go to the counter and ask for a refund on my tokens. This jerk says "no refunds"of less than tokens! The jerk didn't want to hear about the vids not working either.

JakeXtr Reviewer Usergroup: Mar 23, Total Listings: Posted May 04 Dropped in at about The place was Rkdgeley busy and that means about Bjrrito the guys are going to shove their cocks through the gloryholes without waiting for Virgijia sort of indication that you want to blow them.

That said, I did get a Sexi girls auf Dallas blowjob from an Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex guy who came into the Burirto when he had trouble getting a good 'grip' on me through the hole.

His technique was a little rough figuratively and literallybut he was definitely eager enough to get the job done. Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex 10, Total Listings: Posted Feb 28 Beware of the clerk named Larry.

Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex

He comes into the back when he is working with a flashlight and bangs on the doors reminding patrons to drop tokens. He is afraid if he does not harass the customers, he will loose his job. There are cameras all over the video area positioned so there is little privacy when you are in a booth.

This place used to be a fantastic place to come to. Now it just sucks. Damn shame. Posted Nov 26 Went in about 11 pm on a Wednesday. A handful of older guys in the back, hovering around in hopes of hot twinks magically appearing while the clerk and his trainees out front Byrrito rude jokes about the customers. Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex par for the course here, I have found. Posted Aug 29 May Wezt Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex busy Joliet Illinois singles phone lins the time but still pretty hot.

I have sgop by twice recently.

The first time a swallowed a couple of loads, then moved to another booth. The booth next door already had a couple of guys in there with one guy on his knees sucking the other guy. Could hear the slurping. The guy getting his cock sucked motioned for me so I put my cock in the gloryhole.

He played with it for a while and then started working Burgito into his ass. I ended Vorginia cumming in his ass. The next time I Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex there as soon as I walked into a booth another guy went into the next booth.

He fed me a nice cock and I drank a nice load. As soon as he left another guy with a big cock replaced him and we took turns sucking each other. He then moved to my booth and we played with each other. Nice shaved body, long nipples and big cock. He ended up jacking off all over me. When he left another guy occupied the booth next door.

I sucked a nice cock for a while and then he motioned Cuteie looking 4 soulmate me. I let him suck me through the gloryhole ship then he turned around and impaled himself on my cock. He moved back and forth on my cock until I sent a big load inside his ass. I will go back Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex. Posted Jan 25 The action has improved recently. Last week I ran into a handsome stud who just wanted to suck dick and a college guy who delivered to me the biggest Xxx slutts in Manchester New Hampshire ks I have ever swallowed.

Posted Dec 29 This place really is a coin toss Wesst regards to hit-or-miss. Some nights you go in and the place is packed but everybody's waiting for Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex specific to stroll in so nothing happens. Other nights the place is next to empty and there's plenty of action. It's the latter I found the Monday before Christmas, stopping in shopp expecting disappointment as the place was near-empty.

I got a guy in my booth sucking me off, and could barely hold my load -- I was too turned on and he was Casual sex in Garner Kentucky too good.

After that I fooled around a bit with a pushy older guy, mostly to be polite, before he heard someone come in and slipped off to another booth. But I had to get going before he and I could pick back up as I had a drive ahead of me to get home. But that's how it works sometimes. Posted Oct 06 Not a bad place to play.

I blew a young hot twink within five minutes of entering. Nice gloryhole action. I was there Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex 7 pm. Posted May 28 I love the gloryhole action there.

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One was bare and one wrapped, Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex was totally hot! I will definitely go again. I love shoving my cut, thick cock through. Just wish they were big enough to get my cock and balls through. I will continue to go as often as I can make the time for the travel.

Posted Apr 23 I stopped in a little after midnight on a random whim, Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex to take a chance. I told myself I wouldn't go for it unless there were at least 4 cars in the parking lot, and judging from the Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex Female looking for sex Colfax Illinois looked about deserted.

But figuring if I've driven out all this way, I may as well give it a shot. Well, I go in, get some tokens, and while poking around in the booths in the back no pun intended I hear someone suddenly start dropping some tokens in a booth that was quiet until I passed by, and slipped in next to him.

It took a few minutes for him to slide the finger through the hole, but I eventually got a Horny cheating women Belleville Illinois blowjob out of it.

Now, that said, I just wish I knew the gloryhole-appropriate way to tell someone to watch Coffee springs swingers teeth. It's a cock, not a chew toy. Posted Nov 16 Some of the gloryholes have been uncovered but even when they were absent, leaving the door open always resulted in a blowjob at the least. I have never been disappointed in this place.

Good daytime traffic too. Stop by. Stopped in last night. While it was kind of Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex there were a few guys around. I sucked one off, got fucked by another, and got blown -- all within just over an hour. Word just needs to get out again that the gloryholes are open and ready! Then this place will be Need hot action tonight once again!

Posted Oct 07 I visited on two nights recently. It looks like the gloryhole changes have reduced traffic. Was able to swallow a load from a nice cock on the second night. Posted Sep 07 I was there Thursday evening from 7 to 8pm and the place was dead. Also, they have closed up all the gloryholes in the booths except for the two booths in the back on the left. Posted Jul 03 This is a great place to play. I can always find cock to suck or get sucked. Last time I was in two days ago the management had gotten rid of the gloryholes in the booths in the back.

There wasn't really anybody around. Posted Jun 02 Went there once to see what the hype was about. It's Ok. It was my first time going to a place like this so I didn't expect much.

Posted Mar 07 When the guy with weird eyes is working beware. He will turn all the lights on. Posted Feb 16 This place is good for meeting guys or couples for sex. I've sucked, fucked, been sucked and fucked, fucked a couple of pussies and have had group sex. If you wish to have sex Erotic massages turlock is Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex place to go.

You may have to weed through a few old queens but it is generally worth the wait. Posted Nov 19 I was there in September. Pretty good action. Non-threatening staff. Not bad for being the only show in town. Actually better than any place in Boston, MA -- but then that doesn't necessarily give Adult Video its deserved credit.

Posted Nov 04 I was there from 9 till 11 pm Saturday. At twenty seven year old, I was the youngest guy in there. There were a few guys in their thirties and some really nasty older trolls in their fifties and older who could not take no for an answer! Every time I went into a new booth the same guy would follow me and Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex in the next booth.

He kept putting his arm in trying to grab me. I kicked him once, slapped his arm and hand numerous times. I heard him go out and tell the Naked girls San jose guys there that I was a jerk or something, and not to shol up. Didn't work. After he left the back room, I had a great time with a few guys. Got fucked by two, sucked off around eight or nine. Going back up again. Any takers? This place should be Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex 'The Cock Palace'.

There is something for every horny cock in the area. Thumbs up! Posted Mar 06 I visit the area from Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex to time live on the east coast and just got back. On a Monday night between 5 and 5: One guy just came in my mouth like he was fucking. The other guy hade me suck him awhile and then jacked off and fed me. The staff leaves you alone.

There are about eight gloryholes. Great place! Posted Feb 20 Pretty nice setup here with a lot of gloryholes but one of the clerks who works here really ruins it. He's very Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex, throws your change at you when you buy tokens, etc.

Posted Feb 11 I was there on a Wednesday morning and the parking Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex was vacant. I just went to buy a bottle and jack off in a booth. I usually walk in and buy a bottle of amyl and get some tokens. I give a cursory tour to the films and toys, and head on into the back. I saw a guy in jeans and white se with a nice package. I waste no time, my finger is in Ridgelej hole. His hand comes down.

It's black. Don't know how much money I spent, but it sure was fun. There's just something about a big dick shooting a lot of good cum that Hot want sex tonight Sanibel a fella to visit places like this.

Submit Review. User Name Remember Me? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. Dahlia's URL: Mon - Wed: Located in the same block as the Blue Moose Cafe, right around the corner. Dahlia's Boutique is less than a block away on Walnut St. Rate Vigrinia place: Additional descriptive words or short phrases about the place bareback You must be logged in as a CFS Member to add tags.

Om more below We want your Reviews and stories about what Tennessee girls who want to fuck done here. Ridgelfy also encourage cruisers to post that they have been looking or hoping to meet here, but submissions have a delay before publishing and are edited. April, CFS Members may now put their plans with specific dates, etc.

Keep in mind the delay before your Review appears online. Read more Contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, other web sites, apps, messaging handles shpp. Please login or register if you wish to keep track of your reviews,if you want anyone to contact you, or if Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex want to post your cruising Massage partner wanted. Do not post contact information including any email address; phone number; web site, app, or messaging service e.

Skype, kik screen name, handle, etc. You may also continue to submit your review as a anonymous Guest without contact information. This is page is for reviews of places and occasional general questions and comments such as "What time is best? It is not intended for Bjrrito ads except as noted for "plans" by CFS Members. Your Review will not appear online immediately. All reviews are edited before publication and there is a delay of several days.

Print Report Problem. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex Not looking. Wsst a member? Blubart Reviewer Usergroup: Member Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex Virginnia 25, Total Listings: Posted May 13 They may have a new arcade system but they also Wsst "new" rules and charges.

The clerk emphasized to me there is to be no interaction Strap on sex Bathurst the arcade. Plus, they now want to charge some kind of a membership fee, yearly or monthly.

Not worth it. CumTogether Report. Posted May 04 Thinking of Ridgekey if I can summon Virginua courage. Never been with but would like to fulfill a fantasy of meeting a sissy or shemale and having fun for my first time. Arcace Lew Burruto. Posted Apr 24 Oh put in a new Arcade system. The downstairs is great and very private. The new buddy booths in the back of the arcade are great to play in.

Shemalefucker Report. Posted Oct 22 Any sexy shemales or trans go here? Have been once before but never saw anyone.

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Older Reviews: Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex 10, Total Listings: Posted Feb 10 I haven't been here for quite a while, but when I lived in town I can say I frequented at least twice a week. One night, after a few drinks, I went in mostly out of boredom.

I went into this booth, sat down and started watching videos. I'm a straight guy, so I was watching a video of this chick sucking this guy. I felt my cock getting hard, and, being late at night, i thought, "What the hell" and got my cock out and started stroking it. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this finger slide through the hole.

I ignored it at first. Then I heard this voice saying, "Let me taste you. He wrapped his Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex around the head, and started to suck me in. I was hooked!

He sucked me deeper into his throat, and back and forth I swayed! I pulled out of his mouth for fear of cumming too soon. After I caught my "composure," I moved closer again.

I asked Sexy women want sex tonight Madera to just lick it for a little while, enjoying each stroke of his tongue. He licked the shaft from the head to the base. The feeling I had was out of this world! Finally, I backed up a little, then let him suck some more! He sucked me from the head, with his tongue swirling, Naughty wives want sex Vaughan Ontario then Wife want real sex Fountaintown cupped my balls, which, by now, were ready for some long, overdue release!

Then, it happened. I felt my balls tighten up, my cock head was aching, then, it happened! He took every drop! Since then, although I still consider myself straight, I wouldn't mind learning how to lick and suck like that, just in case I go back, and he's there, just to return the favor! I'm very interested in how he got so good at it. I think I'll have to go back there and start practicing a lick and suck technique that would be exclusively my own WVU Student Report.

Posted Sep 20 I believe it's the same store, just called Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex now. I haven't been since the Spring though, so don't quote me on that. They have a Facebook page now with Dahlia's name and this address. I think that confirms it.

It's also on Bing. I told Google so they should finally have it soon. Anon Report. Posted Jun 05 The place has reopened under new management and name. It's still the best place for sex. Thanks for the update! Could you confirm the name, too? I did find Dahlia's at the address on Yelp and Facebook Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex, but it's presented as a "lingerie store.

Google shows Dahlia's on Walnut Street, and that store location has a website. Posted Jan 06 The business has been closed since a raid found Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex and sale of synthetic marijuana out of the store. Multiple charges are described in the news story. Jul 02, Total Listings: Posted Jan 17 This place is pretty good.

Down the stairs you'll find booths with holes that burn through tokens. Those without holes, tokens last twice as long. Sixteen flavors of porn are offered covering everything from European amateurs to midget transvestites.

Morgantown WVA is a college town so there's no shortage of youthful dick but if you're looking for expert head you'll probably end up disappointed. Quiet during the weekdays, this place gets busy when the pubs close weeknights and a pretty steady crowd of closet cases during weekends. Video booths also take bills when your tokens run out so you can essentially stay down there as long as your dick is hard.

Posted Jan 02 Came here right before Christmas break and ate a bunch of hot loads.

I was here for awhile and no one was around. Then a chunky bearded guy with a wedding ring came downstairs Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex went into the booth at the bottom of the stairs. He dropped his pants and sat in the chair with his back to the door. I watched from the door as he jacked then stepped in behind him. He was turning his head slightly to see if I was near then let go of his hard dick. I walked up beside him, leaned over and Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex his dick into my mouth.

Then I got between his legs and sucked him off. Next, two guys I sucked off I found on Craigslist. Both guys were married with hairy beer bellies and luckily nice fat, juicy dicks.

I really like an older guy's dick. They always seem juicier with lots of precum. Last guy I got was a real hunk, tall, thick legs, big chest and hard big butt. I'd still be between his legs today, days later if he would have let me. I got two loads and was trying for a third when his phone rang and he said he had Buerito pick his son up at work. What a man!

Beautiful, fat, juicy dick. Posted Dec 06 Took my Uncle Joe here sec some more fun a few days Burroto. I wanted to watch him suck some cock before I got him to suck me off. The plan was for him to go into a booth next to a guy, suck him some through the hole, then go into his booth to finish him while I watch through the hole. Nothing happened for more Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex an hour so I pulled mine out and got him on it a few times to get warmed up.

Then I iVrginia to see him suck two cocks in less than an hour. The first was a married guy about 40 who works at a garage not far from here. After the guy went in a Wewt I watched Joe finger the hole to get his attention. His dickhead appeared at the hole and Joe got down to lick it. He flicked his tongue around the head and the guy pushed deeper through the hole and into Joe's mouth.

Joe sucked on it then pushed him back and asked him to open his door. I watched Joe suck him off Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex the hole as planned.

Next a couple college guys came in. One was a skinny kid with a bad complexion and the other was built like a farmboy, thick and beefy. They went into adjoining booths with a gloryhole. Wet, sucking sounds started almost immediately. When one movie ended the bigger kid came out of his booth with a big tent in his sweatpants.

When he went into another booth Uncle Joe jumped into Looking for athletic masculine and discreet adjoining booth, leaving his door cracked open for me to see.

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Right after he went in the Ridheley shiny, fat cock slid through the hole and Joe went down on it. The kid pushed his whole dick through with his balls. Joe sucked it down. He ended up in his booth while I watched. I heard the kid say, "You can open the door so your buddy and my cousin can both watch. After they Ridgeoey Joe drain my balls in the same booth.

Posted Dec 02 Don't mean to offend with this Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex. When we were kids, my older brother, when he Virginiz me watching him North branch NY milf personals off, said, "If you're so interested come here. I'd just jerk him off, but sometimes he'd push it into my mouth. I guess he could tell I was gay even back then because he knew I wanted to play with it and suck it.

He knew he didn't have to jack off if I was around. He's lived in Colorado for the last 26 years so I haven't seen much of him. Anyway he was back this Thanksgiving with his family.

Without getting into all the details I'll just say we ended up at this bookstore at Milf sex mix same time. When he went into a booth with a hole I went into the one on the other side. While he was watching the movie he pushed on his dick in his pants. He Burrto toward the hole Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex kept rubbing. I slid my finger through and got his attention. He pulled his dick out and played with it looking down Ridgelwy the hole.

When I put my finger through again Wedt stood up and stepped to the hole. My heart about pounded out of my chest as he slid his dick through the hole and into my mouth.

I sucked and licked his dick till he filled my mouth with his hot cum. I don't think he knows he fed his load to me. I almost got him a second time here a day later, but another guy beat me to it. I could hear my brother getting sucked and heard the guy swallow his Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex of cum.

Chet Report. Posted Sep 22 Been here three times over the past month. Hoping to run into this "Joe" guy and have him suck my cock.

Last time here I ran into a neighbor's son, early 20's, my youngest son's age. He also cuts Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex where my kids and I go.

I nodded at him then ducked into a booth and decided I would get the heck out when the movie stopped. I didn't take notice at Role play partner needed, but the booth had a hole.

After I went in someone went into the one on the other side of the hole. I love to get my cock sucked so I unzipped and pulled my cock out. I slid it into the open mouth and started to enjoy my blowjob. The guy sucked and nursed on it like a cow teat, hardly letting it out of his mouth with lots of tongue action. He pulled back and started to flick his tongue up an down the slit.

He ran his tongue along the underside of my cock, starting at my Ridheley, then circling the head. He gave the head a lot of attention.

Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex

I bent enough to see my cock deep down my neighbor's kid throat. Made my cock harder knowing this was the kid that used to play with my Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex.

He sucked until he got my load so Ridgeleyy zipped up and left. Yesterday after I mowed the yard I noticed this kid on his back porch watching. He waved and I nodded then pushed the mower into the shed. When I turned he was at the door and asked me how I was doing. I headed toward the door and he reached for my crotch.

He said, "If you go behind your shed, I'll suck your dick again. He was still in his yard which was making Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex cock harden.

Anyway I walked behind my shed where he had a lawn chair and sat down. He was between my legs sucking Weat less than a minute and had my load in less than five. He said he'll do it anytime I want it. Aug 17, Total Listings: Posted Aug 17 Stopped by last night Hot women seeking nsa Brockton first time. Had a good time. Wasn't busy at first but kinda picked up.

Ended up sucking off and swallowing 5 guys iRdgeley. Chuck Report. Posted Jul 27 More with Uncle Joe. Stopped here with Nude women in canyon texas. Joe after drinking at a bar nearby following a meeting couple weeks ago.

I was horny and wanted to get my cock sucked before we got home. When we got downstairs there were three other guys there, two college guys and an older, bald guy Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex a beard. Each went into a booth. So, I thought it would be fun to watch Joe suck them all off, one at a time. Then he could finish by swallowing my load.

I followed him into the first booth and watched him get one dick through the hole.

I Am Wants Teen Fuck Burrito shop on Ridgeley West Virginia sex

It was the college kid with the lighter hair and he came in about three minutes down Joe's throat. Next booth he got the other kid with black hair. This kid had a shorter dick but twice as thick as the first kid.